Core Team

Alfred Cheung

Alfred Cheung

Alfred has extensive experience in container transportation, port developments, logistics planning, IT applications, human resources and cold-chain management throughout his affiliation with the shipping industry for the past 3 decades. Currently, he is a council member serving both The Japan Society of Hong Kong and The Japan Hong Kong Society in Tokyo. Alfred is appointed as Adjunct Professor to University of Yunnan, and Adjunct Professor of the City University of Hong Kong. In addition, he also delivers lectures to under graduates and MBA students in China, including Yunnan University and the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.

Alfred is regularly invited to international forums and universities as keynote speaker on global reefer logistics, supply-chain management, human resources and related topics.

Alfred is formerly the director of Reefer trade at OOCL and after his retirement in 2007, he took up the role as consultant to explore the reefer logistics business in China. From January 2008 to June 2010, Alfred served as Managing Director of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Limited in Japan.

Thereafter, Alfred has established the Green Society Association Limited with University researchers and logistics professionals to promote more efficient global logistics transportation through the application of RFID tags, pressure sensors wireless communication and web technology in order to achieve higher traceability, transparency, and yield optimization with dedication to a better environment for everybody. Alfred is now the advisor to Tsuruga Port in Japan, brand ambassador of Fukui Prefecture of Japan, consultant to Denso Corporation (Nagoya) on reefer container marketing and consultant to NYK Line (Hong Kong) related to in-house training programs.

Patrick Lim Pat Wah

Patrick is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a fellow member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. He holds HKSI specialist certificate (Corporate Finance). He obtained a bachelor's degree in accounting from Birmingham University, a master's degree in management of information systems from the London School of Economics and Political Science and also a master's degree in management from University of Sydney. He has over 29 years of experience in accounting and finance.

Teresa Ng

Teresa Ng Ka Wai

Teresa has been working closely for key market players in areas of Business Center, Wealth Management, Corporate Consultancy, Immigration, Education & Training as well as Real Estate, for over 20 years. She is also the Economic Consultant to Shandong Sishui County. She has a postgraduate certificate of Finance and Investment Analysis in the University of Greenwich and also a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. She has been particularly involved in our Client Relationship Management program as an exceptional motivator.